Fly Fishing Adventures on New Zealand’s South Island

Does not have to be expensive

Fully customisable for your party

Deano knows the BEST fishing spots

Single or multiple day options available

The Big Question:
How Much Will It Cost?

The Answer: Not as much as you think!

Flyfishing New Zealand is not expensive…

It’s difficult to ‘cost out’ a price for one’s own passion…but I think my fees very reasonable considering a day includes: transport, gear on loan and lunch on day-trips. If you like making every moment in life count, then rest assured a trip with me will be no ‘chalk mark in a rainstorm’. It was Gucci the famous fashion designer who said “long after the price is forgotten, the quality remains”. I guarantee you a QUALITY experience.

I’m known for bringing everything except the kitchen sink, and for pulling the metaphorical ‘cat from the hat’. I’ll be providing the best possible fishing, scenery, conversation (or if required ‘lack of’) and memories that the situation and circumstances allow. Have you heard the saying…’life is too short to drink cheap wine’.

I guess I live by that philosophy (my waistline is also testament to that!). Time spent with people is important to me, and time spent on leisure is vital to living well and long. When I travel overseas to fish (which is often) I always book the best guides, and the best experiences. It is the people with the skills, ability and attention to the details that make my trip memorable…and I remember this when I am at home and planning your trip.

My friends laugh at me and think me extravagant for my penchant for good things – wine, food, and occasions. I spend a small fortune on all the latest gear and gadgets, but I use them! I reckon if we only get one shot at living on this spinning blue planet, then we should give it our best shot. I don’t believe in buying a $10 bottle of wine…when for only $30 you get an EXCELLENT one. I like to think that this commitment to getting it right, doing it well, living ‘large and lively’ helps me to make your trip as full an experience as it can be. It does make a difference.

Guiding Prices are in NZ Dollars…

$850+GST* – Full day
$350+GST* – Per additional angler.
Fee includes transport, gear loans, and lunch.

*GST – NZ Goods and Services Tax 15%

Gate fees to private property vary and are additional to my fees, and are usually paid directly to the farmer. Not all trips incur gate fees – it just depends on what kind of experience you want to have. The best thing to do is ask me some questions via an email and we can start putting together a quote for you depending on what kind of trip you’d like to have.

Small associated costs can occur, for example $40 will get you a box of clays to clay pigeon shoot – I’ll bring the clay thrower and shotguns on request. I do charge a $30 sleeping bag cleaning fee. If you aren’t sure of the charge for something, ask me…usually I’ll loan for nothing if you’ve hired me to guide.

Ensure you have a LICENCE before our trip, you can obtain these for NZ fishing or hunting by CLICKING HERE.

I am also open to negotiation and being FLEXIBLE: if there’s a certain something you have your heart set on, I’ll do my best to make that happen.

If you don’t have your own gear, I should be able to sort something out for you.

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